Replay, Out of the Gates!

Replay has had an explosive launch since we emerged from stealth earlier this month in partnership with Theta Network. Replay made headlines as Theta tokens surged among the latest in a string of exciting news coming from the Theta community, including the launch of exclusive NFTs in partnership with Samsung, and CBS’s The Price is Right. So exciting to see!

Despite a sustained dip in the overall market, Theta tokens have rallied in response to our launch, and content creators and streaming services alike are beginning to see the potential benefits brought on by decentralized video tracking and payments. Recognizing how the RPLAY economy will build on Theta’s existing video technology to further put the power of creation into the hands of creators, the Theta community is embracing Replay, eager to share ideas, build content and contribute to our development.

Media attention in Replay reflects the growing interest in a web3 Internet, as decentralized technologies are breaching the mainstream. As the RPLAY economy launches and rapidly scales in response to increasing demand, we will generate a wave of opportunity transforming the state of online video. At Replay, we’re excited to play our part in leading this crucial tipping point, where community creates opportunities for creators, distributors and their fans. 

Here are just a few of the news organizations that have taken an interest in Replay since our launch.



And Few more:


For all media inquiries regarding this release please contact Josh Adams via / (+447490570264)

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