Replay launches web3 content payment and tracking protocol, secures funding from Theta Labs and integrates Theta decentralized video infrastructure

Replay emerges from stealth with backing from Theta Labs, to launch the industry's first blockchain powered video tracking and payments platform

February 10, 2022 – Replay, the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform for content owners, has today emerged from stealth with backing by the Theta Network to decentralize content creation. The Creator Economy continues to gain traction as creators serve as the life-blood of all major Internet platforms, driving engagement across Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, and Peacock. 

To enable creators to further publish and fully benefit from their work, Replay wraps any digital-ready streams with it’s proprietary tech to seamlessly track video assets on the blockchain across distribution endpoints. Combined with Theta’s video infrastructure that allows viewers to earn tokens for sharing video streams to their nearby peers, Replay’s end-to-end solution allows all users in the video ecosystem to be fairly rewarded for their contributions.  

Content owners aren’t getting paid fairly for their work. Existing content distribution methods are mired with opaque revenue shares and technology fees for content delivery. While many companies (talent agencies and tech platforms) exist to broker/license creator content, they do a universally bad job of tracking revenue appropriately and mostly rely on manual record keeping. The advertising platforms and distribution platforms which license content rely on proprietary formulas to distribute revenue shares. 

Replay is designed to support the Content Economy, for an internet that in 2022 is 82% video. By powering a decentralized and transparent video distribution ecosystem, Replay accurately measures every play and ensures that owners are compensated fairly. Distribution platforms and publishers can now access content for their audience and pay for it in a predictable and consistent way so that they can optimize viewership and engagement. Powered by RPLAY (Replay Token), a TNT-20 token built on Theta blockchain for a decentralized content distribution ecosystem, Replay rewards consumers while entertaining them, providing creators and content owners with liquidity and real-time payments. 

Replay Now, a cross-platform OTT streaming service which uses Replay technology for tracking and payment and Theta Network for video distribution, will reward consumers with RPLAY for subscribing & watching content. By using Theta Video API as the underlying infrastructure for video delivery, Replay Now’s users can share video streams peer-to-peer to earn while they watch. The Replay Now OTT platform will compete with traditional competitors like Tubi TV and Pluto TV, with the advantage of Replay’s capabilities as the leading blockchain-powered video tracking and payment system attracting content creators with higher and more fair distribution of revenues. 

Replay is led by a founding team with deep experience in the video space, across OTT video platforms, digital advertising, and video distribution. CEO Krish Arvapally co-founded and served as CTO at Mojiva and MoceanMobile (sold to Pubmatic), pioneering mobile-first digital ads, before co-founding OTT video platform Unreel which was later acquired by (and now Bitcentral). He is joined by Lead Blockchain Engineer Maduri Arvapally, who served as Lead Engineer at NscreenTV, Senior Engineer at GoPro, and holds four patents for building video indexing platforms using social data. The company was incubated by Building 20, the tech incubator operated by Dan Goikhman along with Krish.

“Replay is going to remove monetization friction for content creators of all kinds,” said Krish Arvapally, CEO, Founder of Replay. “We’re incredibly excited to launch this innovation in partnership with Theta Labs, who has been a clear visionary in this space. By delivering unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance, we’re excited to reward both the end users and creators powering the content economy.”

Replay’s platform will offer decentralized video delivery with state-of-the-art video tracking and payments using the RPLAY TNT-20 token. Further innovations will include an NFT solution allowing content owners to share in the success of their asset with an instant pay-per-use model using ThetaPass NFT authentication, as well as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) which will enable communities and fans to control and participate in the development of their favorite content by directly purchasing licensing rights.

“We’re thrilled to back Replay as they launch a transformative product in the video space using Theta technology.” said Mitch Liu, CEO Theta Labs. “This is exactly the kind of project we envisioned when we set the vision for the Theta ecosystem – deep innovation in the video and entertainment space, launched by experienced technologists and entrepreneurs, and utilizing Theta Video API infrastructure, peer-to-peer video streaming and ThetaPass NFTs to offer content creators and end users a more fair share of revenues.”

For more information, please visit or get involved at the official Replay Discord and subreddit.

About Replay

Replay is the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform for content owners. Powering the web3 Content Economy, Replay is removing monetization friction for content creators and users to deliver unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on Theta’s blockchain protocol – Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on the blockchain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, the RPLAY TNT-20 token will decentralize video streaming, tracking and payments.

Reimagining video delivery, engagement, and payments, RPLAY will power it’s own consumer app Replay Now, a blockchain enabled OTT streaming service rewarding end users and content owners with instant tracking and liquidity.

To learn more, please visit or reach out at

About Theta Labs, Inc.

Theta Labs pioneered Theta Network, the next generation video and entertainment blockchain, and, a leading decentralized live streaming platform. Theta infrastructure enables existing video platforms to drive incremental revenues and reduce content delivery CDN costs while end-users are rewarded for sharing their bandwidth to relay video on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device. Most recently, the company launched ThetaDrop NFT marketplace in partnership with the World Poker Tour, Katy Perry, Entain Group (partypoker), Jukin Media and Fuse Media aiming to disrupt the digital collectibles industry.

Theta’s enterprise validator and governance council is led by global leaders including Google, Samsung, Sony, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Binance, Blockchain Ventures, DHVC and gumi. Theta leverages its user base of millions of viewers on to seed its peer-to-peer video network along with premium content partnerships with Lionsgate, MGM Studios, NASA, and others. Popular video platforms integrated with Theta infrastructure include CONtv Anime, World Poker Tour, Cinedigm, Samsung VR, GameTalkTalk, MovieBloc, Ultra, GFUEL and other OTT media, entertainment, and live streaming services. Strategic corporate investors include Samsung NEXT, Sony Innovation Fund, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and Silicon Valley VCs including DCM and Sierra Ventures. Learn more at

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