Founders of Replay - Podcast with YWhales!

The founders of Replay recently did a Podcast with the YWhales group talking about the conceptualization of Replay and how/why Blockchain ties into Video consumption & delivery.

Listen here:


About YWhales

YWhales is a private group of International C-Level Business Executives who understand the business behind the new technology and projects in all things crytpo, blockchain and Web 3.0. Our members are experts in business and experts in the new areas impacting Web3.

The team has a mission to bring education, awareness and opportunities to its members in a private forum and to the public in a variety of additional educational tools and content.

Most of our members are also members of the Young President’s Organization. YPO has 30,000 members who lead international companies who have combined revenues of over $3Trillion.


For all media inquiries regarding this release please contact Josh Adams via / (+447490570264)

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